Once Upon a Face Designs!

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One Hour (minimum) with one artist        $115

Additional hour/s with one artist           $100

One Hour (minimum) with two artists     $200

Additional hour/s with two artists         $185 

The number of faces painted in one hour will depend on the detail of the designs and the organization of the party.  The average is approximately 12-14 full faces in one hour but we can paint up to and exceeding 20 faces per hour if need be; however, the details of the faces will be less.


There is a travel fee for areas outside of our zone which is 50 minutes, round-trip.  The trip fee is $1 per minute, exceeding the 50 minute round-trip allowance.  Our locations are Milford, CT 06461 or Philadelphia, PA 19132.  Use to your location to get an estimated travel fee via mapquest or google maps.  

Corporate Events

Two Hour (minimum) with one artist        $215

Additional hour/s with one artist          $100

Two Hour (minimum) with two artists      $385

Additional hour/s with two artists         $185

Corporate Events, Fairs/Festivals, etc. 

Please call to discuss special pricing for non-profit and fundraising opportunities.  


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Specialty Insurance Agency
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All fees are subject to change.

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